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Roof Restoration

Melbourne Quality Roofing provides roof restorations in to all Melbourne homes and can extend the life of your roof and prevent costly future repairs. We can restore your tiles making them look as good as new, with our proven 4 coat colour system and giving you the best looking roof on your street. 

Melbourne Quality Roofing are the roof restoration experts when it comes to repairing and restoring your roof. After all we know cause we have 25 years experience. We can restore roofs for commercial, domestic and strata complexes throughout the Melbourne metropolitan suburbs.

When it comes to roof restoration we deliver quality products, workmanship and good old fashioned customer service to ensure you have the desired results throughout your roof restoration. If you’re tired of seeing your roof dirty and dull, then give us a call. Hire us to restore your roof today and enjoy the facility that it gives to your home.

Our Approach

Safety Rails

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Roof Cleaning

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Rebedding and Repointing roof

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Replacing any broken tiles


Replacing Valley

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Roof Painting - 4 COAT System

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How to Restore a Roof - The Roof Restoration Processes

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We pressure clean your roof using the latest in high psi pressure washers, to remove moss and lichen from the roof, a cleaned roof has a longer life expectancy, and is prepared in order to be resprayed our 4 coat colouring system.we clean the roof and we make sure we clean the spouting thorough and around the exterior of the whole house after we washed the roof area.

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Rebedding is a process which we remove all the old mortar from the ridge-caps and replace with new mortar, thus insuring the ridge caps will last a long time without any cracks or loose mortar.

Repointing Process


Repointing is a process which we point up all the ridge caps in flexible pointing, flexible pointing is a rubberised compound which is applied on top of the rebbeded ridge caps, there’s no cracks caused to the flexipoint with strong winds or house movement.

Valley Replacement Process


Rusted Valleys tend to cause leaks and create damage to interior plaster ceilings and walls, new valleys are installed and left dry to ensure a long life and no more leaks.

Roof Painting Spraying Process


Spraying a roof is the process at which we spray a 4 coat system, we apply maxi primer as the first coat and spray colouring sealants for the remainder 3 coats, we only use the highest form of paints which are Regents paints, and we have tested them for the past 25 years, there is 42 colours available so there’s a colour for everyone, all paints are suited for collecting drinking water from the roof and they belong in the water based acrylic family of paints

Roof Extensions Process


We also do roof extensions, we match your extension tiles to the original tiles of your roof, and with full roof restoration, your house and extension will look original and new, and you will not have 2 different sorts of tiles on your roof like you see on some houses, that the extension tiles look different from the original tiles.